Bacon Flavor without Bacon?

baconedgeIs bacon salt the ultimate food seasoning?

Invented by “two regular guys who love grilling and football on Sunday afternoons,” bacon salt is both vegetarian and Kosher, and, of course, it promises to bring the great taste of Bacon to everything and everyone!

It sounds like a beautiful dream, doesn’t it? I’d like to believe, I really would, but I can’t help but be skeptical. After all, how can you possibly have the great taste of bacon without the great taste of pork?  Pork, for those of you who might not know, is neither vegegarian, nor Kosher.

But that’s not all.  Bacon salt is low-sodium!  Again, I want to believe, I really do.  But, but, but here is the thing.  Salt is MADE of sodium. saltshakerSo how is it that you can have bacon salt that’s somehow low in salt and lacks bacon completely?  What’s left?

I’ll be honest with you right now, I have no idea, I haven’t tried the stuff, and knowing what I know now, I don’t think I would, except for my deep sense of obligation, to you, my dear readers.  And so, I will try this bacon salt that lacks bacon and comes up short on salt and report back to you.

Until then, I’ll leave you to ponder this.  Bacon salt comes in 10 different flavors.

Bacon photo by Yogma, CreativeCommons Attribution License
Salt Shaker photo by GirlInTheCafe, , CreativeCommons Attribution License

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