Baconopolis: Sold OUT!

This is killing me:


Join us in the Palace Ballroom for bacon’s biggest social event ever- Baconopolis!  Who doesn’t love bacon?  Even some vegetarians indulge in the occasional bacon treat because you just can’t beat the smoky deliciousness of bacon!  By attending Baconopolis!, you’ll get the opportunity to taste 5 bacons from different producers side by side, and sample creative bacon dishes such as braised bacon “pork and beans”, classic bacon carbonara, and butterscotch bacon bits.  Don’t miss this sensational bacon event.

Tickets are $20 plus tax and gratuity and must be purchased in advance. Tickets include one drink ticket for wine or beer, and a cash bar will be available.

To purchase tickets contact Christy at (206)448.2001 or via email at”

I wasn’t invited, I wasn’t even notified, but what makes it so exquisitely horrible is that it is going to be taking place right under me.  In my day job, I work right above the venue.  In the past we’ve suffered through the end of our work days with various delicious smells filtering up into our offices, but this is going to be too much.  I’m either going to have to storm the gate, or slink away home before the cooking starts.