Get it Right, Colored Bacon is Wrong!

This is not one of those blogs that celebrates all things bacon. We have standards. We appreciate and celebrate the drive to take bacon to new and greater heights, and we recognize that such striving ambition sometimes ends in horrible, disgusting failure.  We do not go out of our way to condem such failures, but neither do we elevate them as some do.

Nevertheless, when others, such as Bacon Today, proclaim something like Neil Caldwell’s “colored bacon,” to be “pure genius,” we can not hold our tongues, we must call it what it is, an abomination. It is a waste of perfectly good bacon.  It will be a dark day if Perez Hilton’s desire to see the commercialization of colored bacon ever comes to pass.  If good men and women do not raise their voices in protest when such travesties are held up for acclamation and praise, then still more good bacon will be wasted as others are inspired to sacrifice it to horrid and twisted ends.