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Tastefull Eveningware, the Bacon Tuxedo

Couture house Archie McPhee agrees, bacon is the new black. ¬†They’ve debuted a bacon print tuxedo that doesn’t just look good, it smells good because it is BACON SCENTED. Available from Archie McPhee today for $99.95

Bacon Flavor without Bacon?

Is bacon salt the ultimate food seasoning? Invented by “two regular guys who love grilling and football on Sunday afternoons,” bacon salt is both vegetarian and Kosher, and, of course, it promises to bring the great taste of Bacon to…

Miniature Apple Pie with BACON

This weekend we went to see a visiting exhibit of Roman art at the Seattle Art Museum. Afterwards we had lunch with friends at the museum cafe. I had miniature burgers with frites. It was delicious, but not quite filling…